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we are commited to take you for a journey of tranforming your body, soul and life quality through smart nutrition and with goal specific strength and conditioning training.

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Your health is the most important aspect of fitness. Optimal health is a state free of inflammation, decease and pain. I can help you achieve the optimal version of yourself by simple "bio-hacking" techniques via nutrition and lifestyle habits.



The human body is made to push and pull by recruiting the appropriate team of muscles to move the specific weight. The main purpose for developing functional strength is to be useful to others. Let me help you be Functionally Strong.


Hatha Yoga

It makes no sense to build strength on top of a body that can not move well. I can help you improve mobility and flexibility the way the human body was intended while lowering to eliminating painful joints and muscles.

Client Progress Photos

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"6 months and 18lbs difference between photos. Thank you Amit for coaching me with my diet. i was always afraid of losing strength while dieting, but in these 6 months i have not only gotten to my leanest ever, but even hit prs on all three lifts"

Mike Lucia

Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 10.47_edited.jpg

Amit got me from 310lbs to 220lbs and i am proud to say he is my coach! I am without a doubt a happy client!

Tunya J

Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 11.17.09

These before and after pictures are both the same weight, the only difference is the nutrition plan Amit gave me that made me gain muscle and lose weight.

Dustin Reed

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About Me

"Look good naked"

Amit Sapir is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and former Olympic weightlifter from Tel Aviv, Israel. He’s a well-known figure who competed in the 2004 Olympics, and has taken part in prestigious physique competitions including Mr. Olympia (2011). 

In 2014 Amit challenged himself to compete in his first power lifting competition breaking world records in the process. Amit has since made a name for himself as a squatting record-breaker.

He's respected worldwide for beating the international squat record in 4 different weight categories at once.

Today he is an elite level strength and nutrition coach who wants to get you in great shape.

Amit's motto is to Look Strong Be Strong, taking charge of life with a healthy body and leading with a healthy mind. 

Join Amit as he teaches you to build strength and eat right and reach your body transformation goals.

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